Bungalow Style Architecture Antique Home

Bungalow Style Architecture Antique Home

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Bungalow style architecture - antique home, the american bungalow style was one of the most popular residential architectural styles of the 20th century and continues to be in demand small to medium in size bungalow houses are attractive affordable and very livable drawing on the art and crafts tradition of the late 19th and early 20th centuries bungalows emphasized craftsmanship and natural materials which was adapted into. Bungalow architecture - antique home style, bungalows are as much about a lifestyle as a style of house it s all about light and air and being a part of the land on which your house sits. Bungalow home style - vintage american bungalow architecture, there are two definitions that define what a bungalow is one defines virtually any small to medium home or plan built or designed between 1900 and 1930 as a bungalow.

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